Thursday, December 22, 2005

Anchorage man builds monster snowman

Billy Ray Powers may be a jolly, happy soul, but if his snowman ever comes to life, this city is doomed. It's taller than his house. It's got to weigh as much as Godzilla. It has a corncob pipe and a carrot nose and two eyes made out of beer bottles. Powers didn't really plan on making a snowman big enough to eat Anchorage. "The kids and I started out doing a snowman, and it started getting kind of big, then it started getting kind of out of hand," he explained. "And then (my neighbor), he comes over and says, 'Man, looks like you've got a big project.' I says, 'Yee-aah.' He says, 'Well, I'll help you with it. 'So he jumped in and that's kind of how it went." "It just turned into a monster," said that neighbor, Darrell Estes, who lives across the street. "People stop by, and they're just flabbergasted. They walk up and knock on it to make sure it's real snow, not Styrofoam."


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