Friday, January 06, 2006

Future is Rosy for Research on Cows

SCIENTISTS in Scotland believe that a natural plant additive to cow feed could help save the planet. The results of secret trials may make cows - whose methane has been blamed for increasing the greenhouse effect - less flatulent. And they hope the reduced emissions - which may smell floral after cattle digest the additives - will have a threefold effect. It could be good for the environment, improve livestock farming and cut out the use of vets' antibiotics - following the spread of antibiotic resistance in human infections. The trials are being conducted at the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, where experts have spent 20 years investigating the feed potential of plants. The additive they are currently testing in a year-long trial with an unidentified commercial partner carries hopes of cutting the methane that cows and sheep produce, mainly by belching. Cattle are capable of producing 500 litres of the potent greenhouse gas every day.

Futterzusatz für furzende Kühe
Vieh im Allgemeinen und Kühe im Besonderen produzieren nicht nur Milch und Fleisch, sondern auch eine Menge Methan. Britische Forscher fanden nun ein Mittel gegen furzendes Vieh.


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