Sunday, July 31, 2005

online game - batman

chemical brothers game

magical trevor

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Thailand Unique

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politicians summer holiday

how long is their holiday?
in the UK it's 80 days - yes 80 days.
how long is it in your country? let me know in the comments

The SAS working on the London Bombings Operation

Were the SAS taken out of the Operation after the death of Menezes? To shoot someone so that the person cannot function after the shot, is a trade mark of the SAS. Was the BMW 4x4 from the SAS? Have they given up their Range Rovers? Were the SAS the ones with the Sniper rifles? Were the SAS brought in again for Fridays Operations?
I think the SAS were back again for the forced entry if required but then to kill - the SAS don't do it any other way, if a suicide terrorist is going to die, then he should die at the hands of the SAS and not through his own choice with a suicide bomb <--- mission not accomplished.
But as we all saw on TV the cs gas was too much for the terrorists - cs gas is used in a test situation to test the function of a respirator (not gas mask), so that anybody who must wear one knows that it is adjusted correctly so that it works in a NBC enviroment. Taking the respirator off in this test enviroment is also part of the procedure and it isn't something anyone can look forward to.
After looking for more infos at google i found this which makes my post look small - here

Saturday, July 30, 2005

news - leeds today

Bombers change the face of life in Yorkshire forever

'Batley man' linked to bin Laden and bombers

little man

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City of London

toughest tongue twister in the English language.

sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick

online games

Diner Dash

Dad'n Me

Wir sind die Guten

Inspector Parker

Friday, July 29, 2005

Bush To London Bombers: 'Bring It On'

President Bush officially responded to the latest round of London transit bombings Monday, challenging terrorists to "do their worst." Said Bush, in a televised statement from the Oval Office: "The proud and resilient people of London can take anything the forces of evil and cowardice can throw at them. They will never live in fear of you. Bring it on." Prime Minister Tony Blair thanked Bush for his comments, inviting him to visit London and ride the Underground in a show of solidarity.
...the onion

System Administrator Appreciation Day

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talk to the hand

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Tornado injures 19 in Birmingham

Nineteen people have been injured - three seriously - as a tornado ripped through the streets of Birmingham. The sudden storm damaged buildings, uprooted trees and trapped people in their homes. The Met Office estimates the wind speed may have reached 130mph.

matrix problem

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James "Scotty" Doohan

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Thursday, July 28, 2005


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scousers and scallies monopoly

google earth - top gear test track

you can download the free version of google earth here, after installing it you should visit google earth hacks where you can download kmz files to open in your google earth ie the top gear test track. Don't forget to take a look at the other downloads.

Hutchison 'could buy Formula One'

According to reports in the Telegraph, in a move that is expected to send shockwaves through the paddock, Formula One may have a new face very soon with a Hong Kong based conglomerate gearing up to purchase the commercial side of the business from the three German banks, but only if F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone approves.

wacko ebay

Joyland Amusement Park

Michael Jackson Verdict found on my TOAST

Largest nintendo nes lot ever offered on EBAY

Designer Stuhl WC Exclusiv Einzelstück Damenbeine

Celebrity Jar - The One, The Only, The Original

online game - curry chaos

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battlefield2 - hacker unlocks all weapons

Well, what a wonderful few days it has been. Since EA didn't take the time to respond (or maybe even read) our emails about various stats-server security holes, it clearly showed us how much they care. Therefore, we came to the conclusion that modifying 5 million accounts wouldn't be that big of a deal.
...via Waxy.org

online game - bring it on, poms vs convicts

click the pic to play
highscore 11122

Welsh sign

Rob at A Welsh View where I found the pic, says it's true, he should know shouldn't he :-)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


online game - clover

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wood i-pod

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Past Dr Who companion to return

Ex-Doctor Who companion Sarah Jane Smith will return in the new series of the sci-fi show, it was revealed as the Doctor's new costume was unveiled. Popular 1970s character Sarah Jane, played by Elisabeth Sladen, will join new Doctor Who actor David Tennant. However Rose, played by Billie Piper, will remain the Doctor's full-time companion throughout the new series.

Piracy-check mandatory for Windows add-ons

From now on, customers looking to get the latest add-ons to Windows will have to verify that their copy of the operating system is legit. Beginning Tuesday 26.07.05, the piracy check will be mandatory for all customers worldwide who want to download add-ons for Windows XP.

Russia’s Biggest Spammer Brutally Murdered in Apartment

Vardan Kushnir, notorious for sending spam to each and every citizen of Russia who appeared to have an e-mail, was found dead in his Moscow apartment on Sunday, Interfax reported Monday. He died after suffering repeated blows to the head.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

tom cruise xbox game

here is the button layout

...via dangerous dan

online game - Grow RPG

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Google Logo Maker

Google Logo Maker

online game - nanaca crash

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highscore 1349.50m


worlds smallest mp3 player

more infos here

online game - strip that girl

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System Administrator Song

System Administrator Song - Live in Vegas 2005


Front page news from over 300 international newspapers

Monday, July 25, 2005

News - Leeds Today



online game - jungle kid

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highscore 53 :-(

hot shower

Great bargains at ebay

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Faith & Hope - Jukebox

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mint royale - singing in the rain

click the pic for the vid ...via
and here is the mint royale hompage

online game - the way home

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send emails in different local dialects! Having written your email, you can choose one of the translators which will magically convert your message into the accent of your dreams! Whoohoo!

Morecambe and Wise - Bring Me Sunshine

A painting I would really love to have.
Found at The Girl Behind ...here

Sunday, July 24, 2005

trucker hours

The legal work week for truckers is 60 hours, the former truck driver says, and "the real work week is usually 20 to 30 hours beyond that."
"What actually drives this more than anything else," he adds, "is that the vast majority of drivers are paid only for miles driven," so they cut corners where possible.


dog jumps out of the window

A dog that often jumped out the window of his owners' ground-floor apartment jumped out of the window of their new flat forgetting it was six floors up. Fortunately the lucky dog was saved when it landed on a balcony three floors down from the apartment in Cologne. The dog's owners Udo and Angela Baecker, both 29, called the fire department when they heard their pet boxer whining from the balcony below. They couldn't get him themselves because the tenants were away on vacation. "We've only been in the new apartment for a week, but thought TJ would have got used to it after climbing up all the stairs. We never thought he'd try his usual trick of jumping from the window to get into the garden," said Angela.

tree house

Inter tour back on after rethink

Sports minister Richard Caborn has confirmed that Inter Milan will tour England as originally scheduled. Inter were criticised for scrapping the four-game tour over security fears, but Caborn has since held talks with Italian sports minister Mario Pescante. "It is very important that life goes on and sport is at the forefront of that," Caborn said. "In London we had Grand Prix athletics and cricket this weekend. It's business as usual. We make no concessions."

Unix in 10 mins

Learn UNIX in 10 minutes (if you need to)

"Hello World"

Hello World programming collection


10 REM Hello World in BASIC
20 PRINT "Hello World!"
to my favorite (not)


H* Hello World in RPG IV

D msg S 32 inz(*blank)
D cmd S 64

C eval msg = 'Hello World'

C msg dsply

C eval cmd = 'DLYJOB DLY(30)'
C call 'QCMDEXC'
C parm cmd
C parm 64 len 15 5

C eval *inlr = *on

Leicester City fury at fearful Inter Milan

Leicester City last night said they would pursue Inter Milan for "substantial damages" after the Italian club pulled out of a pre-season tour of England due to fears over the current terrorist threat. The Serie A club were due to visit Leicester on Monday night before three further friendlies against Crystal Palace, Norwich and Portsmouth within the next week. ...more

Question: what's the smallest book in the world?
Answer: the book of Italian war heroes.

F1 - Hockenheim

Fernando Alonso took a fortuitous sixth victory of the season in the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim as arch-rival Kimi Raikkonen's title hopes went up in smoke. The Renault ace walked away with a 36-point lead in the championship chase after Raikkonen's McLaren failed him while leading the race. Juan Pablo Montoya battled
through from the back of the grid after his qualifying crash to finish second ahead of BAR's Jenson Button, who out-duelled Michael Schumacher with an audacious overtaking move in the second half of the race.

wacko ebay

Trailer trash BARBIE


Flip Flop On A Stick - Cajun Fly Swatter



Saturday, July 23, 2005

Jean Charles de Menezes

Shot man not connected to bombing.
The man, who died at Stockwell Tube on Friday, has been named by police as Jean Charles de Menezes, 27. Mr Menezes, who was from the city of Gonzaga in Minas Gerais state, Brazil, had lived in London legally for at least three years and was employed as an electrician.

A Tragedy
Why was he being watched?
Why was he being followed?
Why did he run, why?

After the shooting The Muslim Council of Britain said Muslims were concerned about a possible "shoot to kill" policy.

Meanwhile Dr Azzam Tamimi from the Muslim Association of Britain told BBC News the police should review their procedures.

Dr Azzam Tamimi said
"Frankly it doesn't matter whether he is a Muslim or not, he is a human being.
"It is human lives that are being targeted whether by terrorists or whether in this case unfortunately, by people who are supposed to be chasing or catching the terrorists."

I think the Police are doing a super job, working as fast as they can, faster than the news can cope with - never seen before. We will have to wait to find out why Jean Charles was under surveillance. If I could turn back time I would to stop his death but I still agree with the "shoot to kill".

AYUP - The online Magazine for Yorkshire

Friday, July 22, 2005

Man jailed over plans to launch 9/11 attacks in Melbourne, London

An Indian court has jailed a man for plotting to crash passenger jets into Melbourne's Rialto Towers and London's House of Commons and Tower Bridge on September 11, 2001.
The court in the western Indian city of Mumbai handed down a seven-year prison term to Mohammed Afroze, who had also confessed to plotting with a group of Al Qaeda operatives to attack the Indian parliament in 2001.

London bomb suspects

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