Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New meaning to "cat burglar"

German police called to a break-in at an apartment in the northern town of Itzstedt found the intruder still on the premises and hiding under a kitchen cabinet. The "cat burglar" had somehow crawled into the ground-floor of the apartment, broken window blinds, torn down drapes and trashed furniture. Police also found fish and fish remains from a broken aquarium scattered around the apartment, said Julika Reinhardt, spokesman for the police in the town north of Hamburg. Two officers finally found the offender, a cat, hiding under a kitchen cabinet but the heavyweight male resisted arrest, biting one officer in the thumb before they both managed to overpower it. Reinhardt said the cat, wearing a name tag, was returned to its owner who would have to pay for the damage. "No one knows how the cat broke in," she said. "But the damage was considerable." ...via

Computer alert for drowning girl

A 10-year-old girl has been saved from drowning by a computer system designed to raise the alarm when swimmers get into difficulties.
The girl, from Rochdale, was at the deep end of the pool in Bangor, north Wales, when she sank to the bottom. The £65,000 system, called Poseidon, detected her on the pool floor and sounded the alarm. A lifeguard pulled her out and she recovered in hospital.
It is thought to be the first such rescue in the UK. ...more



In the land of the giants...

Tree House Guide

Why do you stay up so late?

Where's Weed ?


Thin house Fat price

A house which is just 5ft 5ins wide in places has gone on the market for £525,000. The property, which is in Goldhawk Road, Shepherds Bush in London, measures just 9ft 11ins at its widest point. The former hat shop is squeezed between a massage parlour and a fabric shop, and has a roof terrace with panoramic views of West London. It is arranged over five floors with a kitchen, dining area, reception room, three bedrooms, one with a built-in bed, a bathroom, shower room and dressing room, as well as a small garden. The bathroom is so tiny that all it contains is the bath, and the photograph of it for the sales brochure was taken from above. The house is described by estate agents Winkworth as being "utterly amazing and almost certainly unique". The estate agent thinks it is the narrowest home it has ever put on the market. Its current owner, who is a celebrity photographer, is selling it after living there for 14 years. Russell Chilvers, a sales negotiator at Winkworth, said the property was "pretty amazing" and did not feel "overly narrow" when you were inside it. He added that the house had been on the market for only a week and a half and he expected it to sell quickly. ...via

Peugeot - The Moovie


Welsh air up for sale on the web

Welsh expatriates missing the sweet smell of home can now buy a bottle of air from the hills of Wales - for £24. Businessman John Gronow will launch walesinabottle.com on Thursday to sell Welsh atmosphere around the world. If anyone wonders whether it is the real thing, each bottle comes with a certificate guaranteeing the air has been gathered in the Welsh mountains. The idea is backed by Prime Cymru, a business agency for over-50s whose president is the Prince of Wales. Mr Gronow, aged 58, from Lakeside, Cardiff, has collected air from Snowdonia and the Brecon Beacons. ...more

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Safe (not)

Dog Cat tired

Wacko (Jacko) Ebay

Wales hosts bog snorkeling battle

The annual World Bog Snorkeling Championships celebrates its 20th birthday when competitors don the flippers in one of Britain’s most bizarre sporting events. The championships take place in Llanwrtyd Wells, central Wales, Britain’s smallest town, and see entrants snorkel through the murky Waen Rhydd peat bog, overcoming mud, weeds and creepy crawlies in their grim quest for glory. Wet suits are optional but conventional swimming strokes are most certainly banned as competitors thrash through two lengths of the filthy 55-meter long trench. Reigning champion Philip John of Bridgend, south Wales, won his third consecutive title last year, aged just 17, wallowing through the stinking trench in 96.65 seconds. Competitors from as far afield as Australia and the United States took part in 2004. The event costs US$21 to enter with all profits going to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust charity. ...via

online game - Mario Kart Underground

Grand Canyon to Get Glass-Bottomed Walk

Great views — and plenty of goosebumps for those afraid of heights. An American Indian tribe with land along the Grand Canyon is planning to build a glass-bottomed walkway that will jut out 70 feet from the canyon's edge. The horseshoe-shaped skywalk, expected to open in January, is part of the Hualapai Tribe's $40 million effort to turn 1,000 acres of reservation land into a tourist destination that will also feature an Indian village and Western-themed town. The tribe's reservation is some 200 miles by road to the west of the section of the Grand Canyon National Park that most tourists visit. The walkway, with a glass bottom and sides, will be supported by steel beams and will accommodate 120 people, though it is designed to hold 72 million pounds, said Sheri Yellowhawk, chief executive officer of the Grand Canyon Resort Corp., the tribal-owned company that is overseeing the project. "You're basically looking 4,000 feet down. It's a whole new way to experience the Grand Canyon," Yellowhawk said. Admission will be $25. The project is still seeking an insurer, said architect David Jin, who said he came up with the skywalk idea while visiting the canyon in 1996. ...via



Two Sharks Caught In Texas Lake

A man fishing in Medina Lake near San Antonio caught an Atlantic sharp-nose shark on Monday. The fisherman said he was shocked when he pulled in the 37-inch shark, which is supposed to live in salt water. The day before, another man caught a similar, but smaller, shark in the same area of the lake. No one seems to know how the sharks got in the lake. Biologists said they are not harmful to humans. They feed on small shrimp and other fish. ...via

Coke, before and after


Key West Artist Rescues Baby Chicks During Katrina

Hurricane Katrina brought eight orphans of the storm to the door of Key West artist Rachel Kelly. Friday afternoon, during the worst of the wind and rain, Kelly heard baby chicks screeching outside and saw a chick floating in the flooded yard next door. She put on her bikini and ran out to rescue them. Kelly scooped up the soggy chicks and put them in a nearby flowerpot, while a neighbor who ran outside to help grabbed the mother hen. They carried them inside, where the feathered family nested in a picnic basket until the storm passed over. Kelly says the hen and the babies are fine and healthy now. Kelly says staging a chicken rescue was "certainly an exciting way to spend the storm." ...via

Candy Maker Saves Chocolate In Bank Vault During Power Outage

A Broward County bank helped a candy maker save her business, one bonbon at a time.
Hurricane Katrina's sweep last week through Broward County cut the power to Jan's Homemade Candies in Lauderdale-by-the Sea. Without air conditioning, owner Jan Lendi says she stood to lose $8,500 worth of chocolate bonbons. Worried about declaring bankruptcy if she lost the chocolate, she called Colonial Bank in Sea Ranch Lakes.
Lendi says bank employees told her they had power, and invited her to deposit her 2,000 pounds of truffles, creams, nut clusters and other sweets in the bank's vault.
The chocolate and Lendi kept their cool while many other South Florida homes and business sweated out the power outage. About 155,262 Florida Power and Light customers are still waiting for power Tuesday. ...via

Monday, August 29, 2005

the growabrain effect goes on

Found another blog tonight, in my stats, stealing from wugsy, in a nice way :-)
So there you are, listed in my Links list is now Bits & Pieces, no, no link here, on the right. That's over there --> for anybody with problems with left and right.
Only the best are listed here :-))

Word verification on comments

NO, I'm not putting word verification on my comments now. I'm not getting that much spam (more at wucinwug). I'd rather take the time to delete spam comments, other than scare away anybody who wants to comment with yet another hurdle.

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