Thursday, September 28, 2006

DIY Alien



Digitalkamera mit 160 Megapixeln aus der Schweiz

The Best Gaming Video Cards for the Money: October 2006

China: Deutscher verwirrt als Terrakotta-Krieger Polizei

AA man restarts car with cyberdog

Microsoft will Live-Konzerte auf MSN übertragen

MySpace trumps YouTube in video

Ten Most Used BitTorrent Sites Compared

Experts believe the future will be like Sci-Fi movies

Google plans upgrade for search engine - Refined searches in time for Christmas

Die Kakerlaken-Esser werden die Ersten sein

wacko ebay

A three year-old boy has bought a £9,000 car on eBay using his mother's account.

Dreijähriger ersteigerte bei eBay ein Auto

Happy 8th Birthday

Matchstick Hogwarts School of Witchcraft

Remember the forgotten hero who saved the world

At 40 minutes past midnight on the 26th September 1983 Colonel Stanislav Yefgrafovich Petrov looked up and saw a missile launch from a United States silo had been detected by one of his satellites. Now you might expect panic at this point but missile command tends to attract the serious, sober type, probably the type of people who smoke a pipe and sew leather patches on their jackets, and Petrov kept his head. He knew the satellite had been reported as suspect and decided to hold off on informing the high command. Then a second missile launch was picked up, and shortly after another, and another and another. Petrov knew that if he waited until he could confirm the launches with ground radar it would be too late for his country, he and his family would die and the Yankees would win the Cold War. Thankfully for us he thought before acting. He reasoned that it was illogical for a surprise attack to launch missiles one after the other – instead you’d launch everything you had and hope to wipe out the enemy before they reacted. He left the launch button alone and thankfully the missiles proved to be ghosts.

Tenacious D - Tribute

USB Sticks

tks NJ

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Angry Professor

Car Ferry

Monday, September 25, 2006

Dinner time in Glasgow

online game - Froggy

Nail Biter

Muse - Plug in Baby

BBC indefinitely postpones Top Gear

The BBC is to indefinitely postpone the new series of Top Gear until presenter Richard Hammond has recovered from the brain injuries he suffered in a high-speed crash. The next series had been due to begin on October 8. "We would not think of finalising plans for the next series without discussing it with everyone involved," the BBC said in a statement. "When it is suitable, the team will do this and we will announce a new transmission date."

Carver makes case for Leeds job

Caretaker boss John Carver vowed there will be more of the same after Leeds clinched only their third win of the season against Birmingham.David Healy gave Carver's side a flying start against Steve Bruce's high-flyers with a fine volley just three days after manager Kevin Blackwell was sacked.

The worlds biggest plug hole, unless you know better

Simpsons Intro Dump










Where's the water?

Doctor Who Dump

Photography - Nick Brandt

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